Andromeda sq2

Andromeda by Mereel and IeZeal

Andromeda 2.0


Mereel and IeZael
Ladder Status:
Size: 140x148
Spawn Positions: 4 at 1, 5, 7, 11
Symmetry: 4 Players, Mirrored
  • Andromeda 2.0


Andromeda 2.0 is a Starbow map that has been ported from Broodwar, in Broodwar the map was known for being one of the longest running maps to ever being played on in the professional circuit and also for being very well balanced regarding the 3 match ups during and long after being played professionally.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • Protected Mineral only - The map has a small in-base mineral field between the Main mineral field and the Natural mineral field that is very easy to defend allowing players to macro up easily.
  • Islands - Andromeda has two island bases which lack a mineral patch and can be taken in any moment for a Terran player.
  • Main Drop area - Map has a area specifically meant for drops which overlooks the Natural base allowing for Siege tanks and other long ranged units to reach the Natural's mineral line and Vespene Geyser.