Build Order Edit

9 - Overlord 12 - Spawning Pool 12 - Expansion Hatchery 11 - 4 Zerglings 15 - Expansion Hatchery 14 - Extractor 16 - Macro Hatchery 17 - Overlord 28 - Overlord First 100 gas - Lair Lair is @ 50% - Hydralisk Den 28 - Macro Hatchery + evolution chamber Lair finishes - Overlord Speed Hydralisk Den finishes - Make 2 Hydralisks at each base / Hydralisk speed + second extractor

This an extremely flexible macro build. It can do almost anything on any map. It is the macro cousin of the 3 hatch Spire build. 2 Hydralisks at each base are used to shew away corsairs. Zerg has the option to expand to a 4th safely or apply pressure. Zerg can defend handily against +1 zealots or Stalkers. Lurkers seem to be better for expanding where as Muta swaps are better for aggression. 

My Personal favorite is to get the 3rd gas quickly to fund both Mutas and Lurkers. In Brood war this was popularized by Hogil. The goal is to expand faster and defend better than Protoss can while applying pressure with Mutas. Fast muta and lurkers has less emphasis on a mid game timing attack of Hydras. Protoss may use this lack of Zerg mid game presents to get a faster 3rd. This is fine, Zerg should simply expand more. Gas heavy units can hold more expansions than normal. Fast Defilers and a Nydus are key to defending. Zerg's primary tool for applying pressure is counter attacks. Zerg tends to avoid the Protoss army until ultra tech kick in in the late game.