Zerg Drone

Description Edit

The Drone is a basic Zerg worker unit. Can harvest Minerals minerals and Gas vespene gas. Can mutate into structures. Drones sacrifice themselves in the process of mutating into structures, but if the structure is canceled while it is mutating the Drone is restored. Since Drones morphing to structures don't count for Control Control this can be used to go over the Control limit.

Damaged Drones regenerate life while morphing. This can be useful to make scouting Drones regenerate life by morphing an Extractor on the opponent's Vespene Geyser.

The Drone is the weakest of the worker units, having the same HP as a Probe, 20 less than an SCV, but regenerating life slower than a Probe regenerates shields (0,297 Life/Second regeneration / 0,72 on Creep vs 1 Shield/Second regeneration for the Probe).

Drones, like Probes also attack slower than SCVs (1.31 vs 0.9, 45% slower) but their attack has about 3 times more range (1.4 vs 0.5) and they can use moving shot micro (attacking while moving at almost full speed).

Unit Information Edit

Type: Light - Biological
Cost: Minerals 50 Gas 0 Control 1
Build time: 17 seconds
Life: 40
Armor: 0
Movement Speed: 2.8 (1.75 when burrowed. Burrowed movement requires Tunneling Claws)
Sight Range: 7 (4 when burrowed)
Built from: Larva

Weapon: Claws

  • Damage: 5
  • +0 damage each weapon upgrade
  • Attack speed: 1.31
  • Range: 1.4
  • Attacks: Ground

Abilities Edit

Basic Mutation
Basic Mutation

Morph into a basic structure.

Advanced Mutation
Advanced Mutation

Morph into an advanced structure.


Burrow allows a unit to take cover underground, rendering it unable to attack. A burrowed unit is invisible unless revealed by detectors or effects.

Researched from Hatchery, Lair or Hive.

Upgrades Edit

Tunneling Claws
Tunneling Claws
Cost: Minerals 100 Gas 100
Evolution Time: 70 seconds

Allows Drones, Swarm Queens, Zerglings, Hydralisks, Eruptors, Defilers, and Ultraliks to move slowly and regenerate life faster while burrowed. Burrowed units move faster under creep.

Researched from Hatchery, Lair or Hive.Requires Burrow.

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