Zerg Larva

Description Edit

Larvae are the most basic Zerg unit, and also its most important resource, acting as the Zerg's singular point of production. They are able to morph into Drones, which can then morph into any Zerg structure; they can also morph directly into any Zerg unit, assuming the player controls the correct tech structures. (Larvae cannot morph directly into Lurkers, Guardians, or Devourers, as these units must be morphed from Hydralisks or Mutalisks.)

Each Hatchery, Lair, and Hive in the game will automatically produce Larvae at a rate of 1 Larva every 19 seconds (on Fastest game speed), up to a maximum of 3 at a time; performing research or undergoing evolution to a higher tech structure will not halt this production. The Queen's Inject Larva ability can be used to generate an additional Larva more quickly, and it can be used on a Hatchery/Lair/Hive that already has three Larvae to generate a fourth, but more than three will never be produced automatically. Once produced, Larvae will move around randomly within a small invisible boundary below the structure that produced them, and they cannot be controlled by the player.

Although Larvae can be attacked and have only 25 Life, they are very resilient — especially against low-tech units — as they possess an Armor value of 10. While morphing into other units, Larvae become Zerg Cocoons, which retain the 10 Armor value, but have their Life increased to 200. If their evolution is cancelled, the Cocoon will burst and the Larva will be destroyed. Larvae which become Cocoons no longer count towards a Hatchery/Lair/Hive's Larvae count, and more Larvae will start to be generated as soon as a less than 3 Larvae are present. Larvae do not have any immunity to damage dealt by abilities such as Psionic Storm. Larvae will survive the destruction of the structure that spawned them, but will immediately die if they move and there is no Creep underneath them.

Unit Information Edit

Type: Light - Biological
Cost: Minerals 0 Gas 0 Control 0
Build time: 19 seconds
Life: 25 (200 as a Cocoon)
Armor: 10
Movement Speed: 0.56 (This movement cannot be controlled by the player)
Built from: Hatchery, Lair, and Hive automatically.