Terran Marine

Description Edit

The Marine is a basic ranged infantry unit. It can be upgraded to use Stimpack, which slightly injures the Marine to greatly increase its attack and movement speeds. It can also be upgraded with Barrel Stabilizers for increased attack range.

Unit Information Edit

Type: Light - Biological
Cost: Minerals 50 Gas 0 Supply 1
Build time: 20 seconds
Life: 40
Armor: 0
Movement Speed: 2.25 (3.375 while under the effect of Stimpack)
Sight Range: 7
Built from: Barracks

Weapon: C-14 Gauss Rifle

  • Damage: 6
  • +1 damage each weapon upgrade
  • Attack speed: 0.86 (0.43 while under the effect of Stimpack)
  • Range: 4 (Can be upgraded to 5 by researching Barrel Stabilizers)
  • Attacks: Ground and Air

​Abilities Edit

Duration: 13 seconds

Injects the unit with powerful stimulants that greatly increases attack and movement speeds for a few seconds. Deals 10 damage to the Marine.

Researched from Barracks Tech Lab.

Upgrades Edit

Cost: Minerals 100 Gas 100
Research Time: 105 seconds

Allows Marines, Firebats, and Mercs to use the Stimpack ability.

Researched from Barracks Tech Lab.
Barrel Stabilizers
Barrel Stabilizers
Cost: Minerals 100 Gas 100
Research Time: 86 seconds

Increases the attack range of Marines and Ghosts by 1.

Researched from Barracks Tech Lab.

Usage Edit

Marines are the most basic Terran fighting units. Because they are available very early in the game, cheap to produce, and able to attack both ground and air units at range, Marines are extremely versatile. Though fairly weak in small numbers, they can become incredibly powerful in packs, especially when supported by Medics to counter the negative effects of their Stimpack ability.

In both defensive and offensive situations, up to four Marines can seek shelter in a Bunker. (Up to six when Fortified Bunkers has been researched.) Players often transport Marines between locations via Dropship, allowing them to utilize the Marines' high damage output against strategic targets and escape.

versus Terran Edit

Marines see very little use in Terran vs Terran games, as Terran's Mechanical units are able to destroy Marines very efficiently. In the early stages of the game, a small number of Marines may be built to defend against Vultures while transitioning into Mechanical units. Some early game cheese builds may also make extensive use of Marines.

versus Zerg Edit

Marines are the definitive unit for all types of Bionic Terran play against Zerg, most often supported by Medics. Despite their vulnerability when isolated, a well-controlled mass of Marines and their supporting units become a force to be reckoned with.

versus Protoss Edit

Marines are rarely seen in Terran vs Protoss games, primarily due to the strength of Protoss's area-of-effect abilities such as Psionic Storm and Reavers' Scarabs. However, when combined with small numbers of other units (such as Medics, Mercs, Science Vessels, Siege Tanks) and other ways to compensate for their fragility (such as Bunkers), Marines can reasonably act as the primary damage output for a Terran army. Although not commonly used for this purpose, Marines are also reasonably against Carriers; though they deal very little damage to Carriers directly, Marines destroy Interceptors extremely quickly, leaving Carriers unable to attack.

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