One-base Play

For the mirror matchup, players can opt to do reavers on one base to overwhelm the opponent. This consists of getting reavers with the upgrade with warp prisms to harass the probe line. After this you can either transtition into more gateways and all-in or expand yourself. This can be tricky if the opponent is able to block the reavers from getting any damage done.

Another good all-in is rushing DT since it takes longer for Protoss to get observers. This can be countered if the Protoss goes 3 gate pressure which can just win in a base trade.

Macro Play

If you manage to get into the mid-game or late-game, get your composition to be: Dragoons, Zealots (with speed upgrade), Reavers or High Templar. In Starbow, High Templars can deal alot of damage to the opponent. Also be carefully to micro your observers so they don't get picked off, since DTs can be factor in the battle.

Tips & Tricks

- During the mid and late game, build 2-3 photon cannons in each expansion to defend against Zealot runbys and DTS.

- Photon Cannons can be chrono'd.

- Positioning is key in all match ups, especially PvP. Send your Zealots in front and make sure your High Templars aren't too behind your main army.