Disclaimer: This list is outdated. We'll update it soon.

Starbow consists of things from Starcraft: Brood War and Starcraft 2. There is also some unique content.

List of unique content for Starbow by race.Edit


Chronoboost only lasts for 12 seconds.

Photon Canons can be chrono boosted giving them +1 range and 25 % faster attack speed.

The Stalker has been redesigned. It starts with Blink and deals Plasma damage, among other changes.

Sentinel unit.

Warp in from warpgates takes 10 seconds.

Cooldown on warpgates is 10 seconds more than the build time on gateways.

Scout has a phase missile, a spell similar to Feedback of the Starcraft 2 High Templar.


Transfuse on Queen is renamed to Nurturing swarm. It restores 75 hit points to target structure or biological unit. If used on a morphing structure it will increase the structure's morph rate by 100% for 15 seconds.

Inject larva does not produce any more larva but decreases the time it takes for a hatchery to spawn new larvae by 60 %.

Zergling has a "tunneling claws" upgrade. Rendering it possible for them to move while burrowed. Lair is required. 

Viper can cast breed which spawns a Creeper


Orbital Command has a call-down SCV rather than call-down MULES

Reaper can be upgraded to have a small splash damage to its attack.

Medic has the Matrix ability.

Viking is very different from Starcraft 2.

Science Vessel has nerve jammer.

Battlecruiser has warp-drive. Similar to the swarm campaign.


Each worker brings back 8 minerals per trip and 8 gas.

If you have 8 mineral patches in your base, then only the first 8 workers will mine efficiently. Each worker after the 8 first will mine less and less efficiently. Maximum saturation (oversaturation) is reached at 28 workers. After this there is no gain in adding an extra worker.

Starbow has an idle spread system. When units have no orders (not moving, patrolling, holding position, or attack moving) they will automatically spread out from nearby units.